28 09 2014



26 01 2011

Bye guys I’m not posted anything really at all so bye
i know nobody’s reading this right now…
but I’m NEVER EVER gonna stop youtube I’m actually pretty popular on there!
So this is an official bye
But always check back on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarioSonicBowser?feature=mhum

Loads of new stuff

18 12 2010

Loads of new stuff is on cp! the christmas party, new news, new pin
so be sure to check it out

New stage and pin and news!

24 11 2010

Planet Y is on! and the new water pin is out too PLUS the new look for the newspaper is out to! it looks OK………..
Thats all i have to say


11 11 2010

its raining on cp! that means its time for…..CARD JITSU WATER!
here is the vid:
(sorry there’s no sound!)


9 11 2010

Sorry i haven’t posted any news for a while! I’ve been busy with my youtube stuff… its hard to control two things at once!
And another new thing on my site is i posted a page thats called “How to…..” its obviously guides and stuff!
So ya i probably won’t post as many posts than in august and september but i am ALWAYS putting updates on my youtube channel:

New “Comm” gear!

9 11 2010

New EPF gear came out! there really cool! you should check it out!

URL Image!

31 10 2010

Hey! if you have not saw i have a URL image thing! It is the member badge if you can see it! oh and the halloween is today lol!

Glitch Season 3

26 10 2010

I have not finished season 3 ill out them up when i have


23 10 2010

CHECK IT OUT!!! there is the 5th anniversary on cp!!!