New stage and pin and news!

24 11 2010

Planet Y is on! and the new water pin is out too PLUS the new look for the newspaper is out to! it looks OK………..
Thats all i have to say



11 11 2010

its raining on cp! that means its time for…..CARD JITSU WATER!
here is the vid:
(sorry there’s no sound!)

New “Comm” gear!

9 11 2010

New EPF gear came out! there really cool! you should check it out!


23 10 2010

CHECK IT OUT!!! there is the 5th anniversary on cp!!!

Pin: Cove (October 21 2010) + Storm in binoculars

22 10 2010

Hey! if you have not noticed there is a new pin, a new news, + he storm is in the binoculars! here is the vid:

Black puffles can join you in cart surfer!

5 10 2010

check out cart surfer because black puffles can join you!

New news

1 10 2010

there is a new newspaper!

here is the link to do it: